Your company has a business plan, and we work with you to develop and execute a patent strategy to advance that business plan.

Most patent firms, us included, will prepare and file patent applications, and then prosecute those patent applications until they issue as patents. Most patent firms, us included, will search for prior art and analyze your competitors’ portfolios.

Why are we any different than “most patent firms”?

We want to understand your business and technologies. We listen and learn from you so that we know where you have been and where you are going. 

We know patent law. We combine that legal knowledge with what we learn from you to file the right patent applications for your business. Sometimes, that means we will advise you not to file the wrong patent application. 

The approach we take to your business’ patent needs depends upon your business plan, patent law, and the state of technology. Always, we work with you to find the intersection between these three factors in everything that we do, whether that is:

  • drafting patent applications,
  • prosecuting patent applications,
  • patentability searching to determine whether to file an application,
  • clearance searching to avoid patent infringement or
  • analyzing a competitor’s portfolio to avoid infringement.