John Gibson


John discovered patent law as an undergraduate at MIT. When research for his undergraduate thesis revealed that his previously planned career as a research physicist involved more hours alone with electronics than suited him, he took a class in law, technology, and public policy to evaluate his other career options. After thoroughly enjoying his semester mucking about on the boundary between law and technology, John began applying to law schools. After receiving his bachelors from MIT (the thesis was ultimately completed), John earned his law degree, with honors, from Arizona State University. 

John began his legal career litigating patents and other types of intellectual property. While the adrenaline rush of litigation was fun, the excitement of working with the truly new innovations in filing patent applications was even greater. John resigned his partnership with one of the 100 largest law firms in the US to found FreeState Patent Services in 2013 after 15 years of practicing patent law.

John’s practice focuses on building patent portfolios that support his clients’ business plans. This involves writing patent applications, prosecuting patent applications at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, coordinating patent application filings around the world, analyzing competitors’ portfolios, and - most importantly - coordinating his legal work to advance his clients’ business interests.